Sunday, May 16, 2010

Midtown classic

Midtown Sacramento seems to be ground zero for the kinda sad fixie culture in Sacramento.  I say kinda sad because Sacramento is one of those cities where things catch on just about the time they're dying out in places like LA or New York. I say that without any envy for LA or NY... I much prefer the Sacramentos of the world to either place.  And, things that originate here are very, very cool to me.  Ever had a Merlino's Orange Freeze?

But things that start elsewhere, well, they're usually not that cool by the time they get here.

What were we talking about?  Midtown, right?  OK.  My point is that it's become common to see old steel frames turned into fixed-gear showpieces and my attitude is mostly one of gratitude that the cool old frames are being used at all.  Plus, I kind of think that when this trend is officially over, there are going to be a million Univega and Bianchi frames out there for the taking.

But it's not every day you see the young hip Midtown crowd lounging in front of a truly classic and unmolested bike.  That's why I had to stop and snap a photo of this front porch chillout with a 1967 chrome Mercury.  Beautiful.  Thanks for leaving it alone, Midtown young 'uns!

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