Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hot time on the bike trail!

This morning's ride along the American River Bike Trail was a little more interesting than the usual.  Fire crews from a variety of agencies lined the trail, battling a 12-acre fire that began late last night.  As of this evening, the fire is nearly -- but completely -- out.  Firefighters had a tough time even getting to the flames through the thick brush that lies between the trail and a finger-like offshoot of the American.

The cause is unknown, but some of the guys I talked to at the scene acknowledged that preliminary suspicions run toward the numerous illegal camps found in the area.

The trail stayed open and the air was filled with the lingering smell of smoke.  Six-inch hoses ran alongside the trail for a quarter mile or more, giving cyclists something new to look at for a change.


  1. On-the-scene reporting! Nice work "Scoop."

  2. Oh no! I hope the landscape does not suffer too much damage.