Thursday, May 26, 2011

Beautiful Peugeot

The girls and I found ourselves at Hot Italian, the center of Sacramento's cycling scene, on the evening of their Velo & Vintage fashion/bike show.

I can't tell you with any certainty about a single outfit or garment that was modeled.  I can, though, remember a good few of the bikes the models rode down the catwalk. 

For me, the Best in Show was this Peugeot sports/roadster.  So taken was I by this bike that I made a visit the following week to the place I suspected was the source for it.  I was right, and as I arrived at Edible Pedal, I saw it sitting regally inside the doorway.

I think this bike is just stunning.  The fender-mounted light, the chrome fenders, the full chainguard, the braided cable housing... it's all just so elegant.

And seductive.  I really felt a bit disloyal to my collection of English three-speeds as I found myself thinking it was more refined and, well, French, than the Raleighs.

Edible Pedal boss John explained that the bike likely isn't as old as it appears.  At least not all of it.  Closer inspection revealed some distinctly newer parts and components.  It seems to be an expertly created and beautiful Frankenstein, with parts coming from any number and age of Peugeots to make one stunning whole.


  1. That braided cable housing is gorgeous. I absolutely love this bike!

    Big Clyde

  2. VX40 and VX 45

    My favorite ride. Denmark, 1982.

    The same, but different. Rear coaster brake. Super Champion alloy rims with 700C x 38 tires. Rubber block with reflector pedals. The light is on the headset, same saddle, same bell. Stainless fenders without mud guards. Sachs Torpedo 3-speed. Head badge is green background with gold Peugeot lion. Paint color is Haze Brown. The enclosed chain guard is also repaired... All original.

  3. You are quite wrong about the VX45 being a composite of other bikes. It is seen as sold in the very early 1980's. So much for the comment of your so-called expert!