Tuesday, July 6, 2010

An unmentionable post

Sooner or later, every lazy blogger resorts to titilation to incite interest among readers, and I'm no different.

Against the horrified pleas of my daughter, I present a view of a recent gift I received... bicycle-themed boxers:

What? You didn't think I'd post a pic of me wearing them, did you?  I wouldn't do that to you, dear readers.  In fact, my modesty is so great that I used a close shot to avoid showing them in their voluminous entirety.  Such is my respect for your gentle natures.

I really like that the bike depicted is basically a little Opa -- full chain case and all.


  1. Father's Day gift?

    I have a pair of those too, courtesy of my loving daughter.


  2. Wow, those are fantastic! I want some for my husband, if they come in boxer-briefs : )