Monday, August 2, 2010

Anti theft system

I spotted these two Rivendell Quickbeams parked outside a local watering hole/breakfast place over the weekend and stopped for a closer look.  Only then did I notice the vigilant guard charged with protecting them.  Nobody's going to mess with these beautiful bikes -- including the red Worksman! -- as long as this guy's on the job.

The Rivendells belong to delightful people who might be Sacramento's "First Couple" of cycling.  They are beautifully outfitted with Brooks saddles and classic grips -- cork-and-twine on one, wood on the other.


  1. Cute! Rick, Erin and I were having breakfast. The Worksman is mine. ;P

  2. I love it, Sac Chic! I've been eying these at Practical Cycles in Old Sac and keep meaning to try one. See you on the next tweed ride?