Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The return of summer

This has been, without doubt, the coolest summer in at least 20 years.  We've had weeks of days with temperatures reaching no higher than the mid-80s, which in a climate without humidity, feels like 70.  It has been absolutely perfect weather -- the kind I'd pack up and go to find on vacation.

So, I'm not about to complain about this week's return to normal August temperatures.  The mercury is on its way to 106 today, we're told.  It's 101 or so as of 3 p.m. and the truly hot part of the day lies ahead.

The once concession I made to the heat was to ride to the office a bit earlier than usual and to head for the home office a bit earlier as well.  My ride home was in triple-digit heat, but I have to say I truly enjoyed it.

I kept the Mercier moving at a respectable pace and the resulting breeze truly felt like a very pleasant sauna.  Hot, dry air clearing the sinuses and creating a kind of waterless bath around you.

Now, I'll stipulate that if you're stuck in the sun, 101 or 106 is truly tortuous.  Probably not survivable for long.  But for a 5.5 mile ride home to a refreshing swimming pool, it's Heaven.

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  1. We are still waiting for summer to leave...Good news is the highs will be under 90 for the first time in a long time and Earl hauled all the moisture in the air with him when he went past, and that is a good thing. Eighty-seven degrees and 48%rh is awesome for this part of the country.

    Enjoy Labor Day!