Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bike culture commentary via Craigslist

Yes, the attached post is sexist, objectifying and a half-dozen other things I try to avoid encouraging on this blog or anywhere else. 

But underlying this is a genuinely amusing insight into some aspects of bike culture and the demographics behind the appeal of Dutch bikes.  The line about a soul patch and classic cameras made me laugh. 

I may have found this all the funnier for having had my first Dutch bike retail experience only yesterday.  As I stood ogling a $1,500 Gazelle, it occurred to me that most people would find my appreciation for the bike truly baffling.

OK.  You've been warned.  Here's the ad.


  1. That is HYSTERICAL!!! And that's coming from a woman who rides a Dutch bike and loves everyone on a Dutch bike. I live in Chicago where there are a fair number of men and women riding Dutch bikes around the city, but even more on fixies with the de rigeur skinny jeans, converse low-tops, and Threadless T-shirts. ;-) And I won't even get into the bike bloggers that I know who do collect classic cameras. Funnnnnnny.

    PS: I don't think as many people as you think would find your appreciation for Dutch bikes that baffling. A guy on a Masi road bike struck up a conversation with me today in admiration of my Dutch bike, and a couple of other cyclists commented on my beautiful bike. Even a Harley guy shouted out his appreciation for my bike a couple of weeks ago!

  2. Welcome, Ms. Ding! I was cycling in (or very near) your beautiful city last week. I didn't see many Opas, but I did see a lot of gorgeous vintage Schwinns... no surprise there.

    Thanks for "getting" the humor in the CL post. You're right about the frequency of camera-collecting among bike bloggers... I've noticed it too.