Sunday, March 20, 2011


This is getting old.

What isn't pictured here is the 65-mph winds that roared through here in the early hours of this morning.

Don't believe that teaser sun icon on Tuesday, the other maps I've seen show relentless rain all the way to April.  And don't put much stock in those temperatures.  When it's wet and windy, that alleged 53 feels more like 33 to me.

I keep telling myself that this can't last forever and soon enough it will be roasting here.  But it is getting harder to keep a positive attitude in this soggy winter that won't end.


  1. Looks like pretty much the same weather we've been getting up here in Portland! But of course, we're Portland, so we're used to it, I guess?

    Spring will be here soon, I tell myself...

  2. Weather has been decent here in the Carolinas...but I can't put much in the garden until after final frost in 4 weeks.

    Glad I live where spring comes early ;-)


  3. @Adventure: Exactly. In the many weather conversations that come up here these days, I've taken to saying that if I wanted to live somewhere endlessly rainy, there are more interesting cities from which to choose.

    @Aaron, we're heading to the South in April and looking forward to some cherry blossoms and dogwoods!

  4. Better hurry up! Bradford Pears are done, Dogwoods are on the way, and Azaleas aren't far behind. I would give it another 2 weeks and summer will be here :-0

    We are having unseasonably warm temps and it is speeding up spring.