Sunday, October 2, 2011

Deadly handsome

There are few places more tranquil and bucolic in Sacramento than the City Cemetery.  It may seem odd to choose this as a cycling destination, but the beautifully cultivated gardens and abundance of shade trees make it ideal for a gentle ride on a warm day.

For a time, our family volunteered to take care of one of the many plots in the historic cemetery.  We "adopted" the Hatch family plot, and tried to keep the 19th century graves tidy and adorned by blossoming shrubs and flowers.   After a year or so, relatives of the Hatches returned to town and asked to see to the graves themselves.  Naturally, we happily stepped aside. One day, we'll find a new plot and resume the happy gardening project.

In the meantime, I still like to visit from time to time and ride slowly up the small hills and around the gently winding paths.  The way I see it, some of the cemetery's residents have been lying there since the 1850s and quite likely appreciate company of any kind by this time.  I ride for a while and then find a shady bench to check emails and maybe have a snack before riding back to the office.

On this visit, I brought Takumashi, my 1970s Nishiki Citisport.  I think he's looking just about perfect now with cork grips, a VO leather saddle and twined accessories. 


  1. Likewise, the cemetary in Victoria BC is also a nice place to ride to as a destination. Its beside the ocean, is a landmark in its own right, and there are maps you can use to navigate with, and learn more about its "residents". They have volunteer committees that I have often thought I will join once I am no longer working. Nice bike, by the way!

  2. Thanks, PaddyAnne! One day I will get to Victoria... I've heard about its beauty all my life.