Thursday, October 6, 2011

A well-protected Free Spirit

I still miss my burgundy Free Spirit three speed from time to time.  It didn't have the solid feel of the Raleighs, but it was a lovely color and somewhat lighter.  There was a simplicity to it that made me happy.

So, when I saw this blue version parked near my office, I got a little bit nostalgic.  It seems to be from exactly the same era as mine.  The blue is named "Sheffield," which I certainly prefer to the ambiguous "Brittany" name given to the burgundy model.

As I stood taking photos of the bike, its owner appeared in the person of this smiley, pretty store clerk.  She strode up to me and said brightly, "thank you so much for being interested in my bike... I love it."

And she should.  It's in great condition and it's being very well protected with a serious chain.  It would take some work to liberate this Free Spirit and ride off.


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