Monday, February 1, 2010

Birthday bike!

When we were newly dating, Jan sent me a card with an inscription that provided a big clue to her feelings.

"You're more fun than a new bike!" it read. 

I was beyond pleased.  It summed up her fun, youthful take on things perfectly and it confirmed I wasn't alone in thinking this new relationship might be headed somewhere. 

So today, almost 15 years later, I'm putting that evaluation of me to the test.  Jan is getting a new bike for her birthday!

It's actually an old new bike, built in our beloved Chicago in May 1969...  a bright, shiny red Schwinn Breeze!

It's remarkably well preserved for 41 years old.  Its red paint still sparkles and the three-speed hub shifts nicely.  You can see how Schwinn promoted it back in 1969 here.

She hasn't seen it yet... it's waiting for her in the living room.  Stay tuned for an update on her reaction.

Here's a closeup of the spotlessly clean chain ring and guard.

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