Thursday, February 18, 2010

Raleigh Superbe

Here's the latest Craigslist find and the latest addition to the stable.

It's a Raleigh Superbe, made in England in -- still guessing here -- the early to mid-70s.  Its Sturmey Archer three-speed hub shifts smoothly and all the parts, including the dynamo fork light and the Brooks B72 saddle, appear to be original.

More to come on this beautiful bronze bike, including post-cleaning/restoration photos and a bit of drama.


  1. Nice find! Check the rear hub for a date. It should read something like 77 8

    I am guessing later 70's due to the style of crank and no auto adjusters on the brakes levers.


  2. Aaron, I can't find a date on there to save my life. I think I'll post a photo and see if you or anyone else can spot something I'm missing.

    No number near the AW... outside of that box there's what might be a single digit, but what also could be a small nick. In any case it's indecipherable.

    But I do think late 70s is a very good estimate.