Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bike auction at UC Davis

The girls and I spent a fun couple of hours at the bike auction at UC Davis this morning/afternoon. A barn burner of a soccer game kept us from getting there early to view the bikes, but it was fun nonetheless to watch the parade of bikes move to the auction stage and eventually be wheeled away by a smiling customer.

They sold something like 400 bikes, and it was a fascinating chance to see where buyer interest lay. Cruisers were a hot product, with prices zooming almost instantly to $100 or $200. Also hot were lugged-frame road bikes with bidders apparently interested in converting them to fixies.

The only better-than-ebay bargains I saw were in the form of mountain bikes and store bikes. Neither is where my interest lies, but I did pick up a very solid Magna mountain bike for our little cyclist. It's pink with 24-inch wheels -- perfect for her right now and cheap enough that we'll shed no tears when she outgrows it. Monday, we go in search of a seat post, saddle and new rear shifter.

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