Monday, October 19, 2009

Family rides

Our little cyclist's new acquisition, a Magna mountain bike from the UCD Davis bike auction, hit the trail for the first time Saturday. I bought a seat post, scavenged a saddle from her old bike and had Peak Adventures add a new shifter and rear derailleur. The Little One is new to shifting gears, but after a few test rides and a few discussions ("Think of the left shifter as changing families and the rear shifter as changing the kids in each family"), she's riding smoothly and keeping up nicely.

This development opens up a lot more family bike ride options for us. On Saturday, Dad and daughter rode to Acorn Day at the California State Indian Museum. The Little One was a star acorn grinder and mush-maker.

On Sunday, Mom joined us and we made a circuit of the downtown area... we started at New Roma Bakery for coffee and rolls outside, moved on to the Capitol to read under the trees, and then rode home via Old Sac and the American River Bike Trail.

Here's Mom and The Little One, along with Fusion (the Magna) and Blanche (Mom's white Schwinn.)

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