Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rain riding, part two

Another rainy day and another chance to see if the fun of cycling is worth getting wet.

  • It was a soft day, gentle rain, calm winds and not cold.
  • I wasn't commuting and so faced no time pressure.
  • The experience is still novel for me.
I loved it. I was dry and happy in rain pants and jacket. The SKS fenders performed perfectly. My feet and face were a bit wet, but an extra pair of shoes and socks in the rack bag would have solved that problem, had this been an actual commute.

I think the best part is the solitude. I rode maybe 11 miles and saw two other cyclists and two runners. Company was provided by a covey of quail, a dole of doves, a rafter of turkeys and a tiding of magpies.

Plus, when it's raining, anyplace can look like Ireland. Here's a few seconds of the ride, featuring the turkeys and a wonderfully quiet spot along the American River.


  1. Well, that's done it--I'm craving more video. MORE VIDEO!

  2. So glad you didn't encounter a murder of crows!