Monday, October 12, 2009

The Mercier Mixte... aka Blaise

As I weighed the options and expenses for achieving an upright ride on my Specialized, it occurred to me I was standing next to a bike that already had the features I was considering. This French-made 70s Mercier had been brought to my LBS, repaired and never claimed by its owner. The shop was selling it for the cost of the parts they had added (fork, brake pads, adjustable stem).

A few minutes later, I was pedaling around CSUS -- upright and smiling. Only after I brought Blaise home did I learn more about Mercier's place in French cycling history and come to appreciate the beauty of the mixte frame.

Here's a shot from the drive side.

To see some really gorgeous mixtes, visit


  1. Very nice, classic design with beautiful lugs and lots of chrome. Both lucky and sad that the previous owner did not appreciate what they had.

  2. Me again, and guess what - I picked up a Mercier mixte today, I think from a similar vintage as yours! Mine is cream and black. It rides like a dream; will post pictures soon!