Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dutch bike in Davis!

This lovely Dutch bike and its lovely rider were spotted zipping to the Village Bakery in Davis Thursday. The bike is a BPS "Basic," made in Holland, purchased in the U.K., and shipped to Davis when this charming lady and her family moved back to the U.S.

Our rider was a very good sport about having her photo taken and proudly showed off her beloved BPS, complete with skirt guard, three-speed internal hub and sturdy rear rack. Mother to a 2-year-old, she has had trouble finding a compatible child seat and recently bought a trailer.

Surely there are vendors importing Dutch-made child seats, no? Basil? Any suggestions?


  1. yes, that would be Bobike, but there are only a handful of distributors in the US, one of them being Clevercycles in Portland, the other is Koolstop in LaHabra, CA.

    Other than those, there's the option of shipping from the UK or NL via the Dutch Trading Company (Brighton), which costs range between $40-$70 per seat.

  2. Thank you, Amsterdamize! I'm so glad to know you're on here! I follow your blog and enjoy it very much.

  3. I second the Bobike. This guy uses one on his Dutch bike.

  4. Thanks, Dottie. I'm a big fan of LGRAB. Happy to see you here.

  5. previously mentioned. Longleaf Bicycles in Wilmington, NC carries them on the east coast. Glad to see another practical bike being used.


  6. Yes but you can also order a GMG 911 which is very easy to install as well and more affordable ($95). We sell both Bobike and GMG locally right here in San Francisco. Our store is My Dutch Bike located in the heart of Downtown San Francisco. Come visit or call. We ship to Davis for free.
    soray (owner of MyDutchBike and UC Davis graduate)