Sunday, November 22, 2009

Identify this bike!

Can anyone shed some light on the heritage of this beautiful garage find?

The gorgeous stainless chain guard features "Invicta" in block letters with "Qualitas, Firmitas, Libertas" on a scroll beneath it.  The headbadge is really something... a griffin and a stag framing the company's crest.

It's pretty clearly an English roadster (or sports?) complete with Sturmey Archer three-speed hub dated 1964, dynamo lighting and fluted fenders.

I've looked up Invicta, but can't find it in any of the usual places, including Sheldon Brown's site.  So, if you know Invicta, please speak up!


  1. Mike, i've see this bike over the years (of which there are many)...but I can't tell you anything about it's pedigree, other than to agree with your assesemt -- sweet machine! Did you buy it?

    Of course, it pales in comparison to my 1969 Huffy purchased from White Front (an early big box store on Arden near Big 5). I paid $50, new. I road it daily, rain or shine, to Sac State from end of Bell Ave. for a full school year. It is still my favorite -- and most miles per dollar.

    I enjoy your posts -- kidJ

  2. Kid J! If you go before me, put me down for the Huffy, will you? And the Kharman, while you're at it.

    Do you remember driving me to buy my first California bike, out of the classifieds? A tye-dyed job for $25, if I recall correctly.

    We really missed you the other night at Chanecka's. Never the same without you.

  3. A unique bicycle for sure! Don't know anything about the manufacturer, but you may want to submit it to the Old Bike Blog.

  4. That looks a lot like a Raleigh Pattern frame. Where is the serial number located? What brand of saddle and can you put up a picture of the face of the shifter?

    Gorgeous bike! and a great find.


  5. great questions, 2whls. i should have snapped a photo of the shifter. I don't remember it at all.

    I'll try to get another look one of these days and post more pix.

    Not my bike, sadly.

    I think you're spot-on with the Raleigh frame.

  6. My first bike in 1964 was a 3 speed black girls Invicta English racer. I loved it and was the envy of the neighborhood back in Philadelphia. So glad to find a picture to show my husband and kids, hope you don't mind but I posted it on Pinterest and referenced your blog. Thanks for the memories...

  7. Jacki, I'm so glad this helped! You're welcome to the pix on here and thanks for the reference! Enjoy the memories of your Invicta, and thanks for reading.

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