Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Obi's rebirth imminent!

Exciting news!

In an earlier post, I described how my Original Bike's frame was bent beyond repair.  It was time for a new bike.  To be more precise, all I really needed was a new frame.  My damaged specialized had a brand-new drive train and quality components.

I checked out frames from Soma and Pake, but in the end opted for a vintage cro-moly frame to supply the comfort and stability I was looking for.  I bought a 70s-era Corsaro on Craigslist.  Over the past couple of days, the crew at Peak Adventures has been selecting the best components from this bike and the Specialized and building a "best of" creation that should be ready by the end of the week.

Here's the Corsaro and the foundation of my new/old bike:

It's a deeper red than comes across in the photos and the trim is a very appealing gold color.  Tyler at Peak Adventures noted it's a perfect bike for a 49ers fan -- which I'm not, unfortunately.

Here's one more look from the other side.

Next time you see it, it'll have the Shimano components (or most of them) as well as my beloved fenders and rear rack.  Stay tuned!

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