Thursday, November 26, 2009

Family portrait!

My brother is visiting for Thanksgiving and wanted to see all the bikes he's been reading about.  So, as long as they were all out of the garage, shed, wine room and other hiding places, it seemed like a good opportunity for a group photo.

Here are my six, plus Fiona's "Crumpets" lined up for review.  Special prize for anyone who can name each of them from left to right.  Proper, given names, please!

Please note "special prize" should not be confused with "expensive prize" or "prize of any value whatsoever."

But still, give it a go!


  1. I just looked at the photo and concluded the contest is impossible to win. Not only are the bikes in the rear indistinguishable, three or so of these bikes have never been publicly "named."

    So, quick adjustment. "Special prize" (meaning to be determined) to whomever names the greatest number of the seven bikes pictured.

  2. This might be over before it starts... On Your Left has emailed me a scorching entry naming (drumroll please... ) five of the seven bikes. That's all that have ever been named on the blog and proves that On Your Left is a careful reader and perhaps needs something else to do with his time.

    In order to do better than five, you'd have to live with me or read my mind. So, I'm going to declare On Your Left the winner and let him choose his prize from the following:

    Vintage Raleigh chainguard
    Basil pannier (Single Tour Bag, right)
    Inertia saddle/handlebar bag
    Pedro tire levers

    Well done, On Your Left! I'm humbled by the careful attention you pay to this little blog!!

  3. Oh my, your family has grown!
    Very nice "stable" : )

  4. Thank you, Filigree! Yesterday, I had fender issues with one bike and then a mystery flat on another (with tires that take me 30 minutes to change)... it was nice to know there were four more standing by!

    I really do think I have to be done acquiring for the time being. I'm trying to shift my focus to accessorizing and maintaining.

    That said, I am late for my hourly check of Craigslist.