Monday, December 28, 2009

used and abused

I've wondered from time to time how my gorgeous Basil panniers would hold up to years of use.  While I think they're certainly drizzle-proof, they make no claims of being designed to hold up to downpours, outdoor storage or years of Sacramento's merciless sunshine.

Today, locked up outside Tower Cafe, was a demonstration of what the Basil Kavan IIs might look like after all of the above.

They were faded, to be sure, and had lost some of their shape.  Still, they were fairly presentable.

A couple of factors led me to conclude that these bags had been subject to the harshest of tests.  First, they were on a bike that despite being only a couple of years old at the most (the Schwinn Coffee), looked like it had been through the wringer. 

Secondly, they were locked up pretty snug.  While this proves nothing, the practiced use of a cable running through the bag straps, saddle rail and finally the u-lock seemed to suggest they're in the hands of a downtown apartment dweller who has to protect them from prolonged absence by the owner.

Perhaps I assume too much.

When I first saw the locking technique, I thought the owner had missed something.  Upon closer inspection, though, I realized that if you unstrapped the bags, they'd still be cable-locked to the saddle and and u-lock.  Here's a closer look:

The way I figure it, this outcome of weathering is the worst that can happen.  With even a modicum of care, my Basil bags should be looking fit and trim for years to come.

Does anyone have first-hand experience over the years?

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