Thursday, December 31, 2009

Farewell to a wonderful year!

2009 was one of the greats, at least in my book.

We rented bikes in Brugge and Diekirch, found a friendly and helpful LBS, went on a CL bike-buying binge, discovered the fun of riding as a family and had a wonderful time.  My work situation allowed our little cyclist to enjoy 1.9 stay-at-home parents and we enjoyed every day.

Heck, even the broken collarbone was an adventure and not without its measure of laughs.

Thanks to each of you who read this blog or even check it now and then.  Here's wishing you a happy, healthy and joyous 2010!


  1. Right back atcha, Michael. I am very, very proud of you, love reading your blog and am celebrating the fact that you have found such a fun and healthy pursuit.

    I wish all of us hours and hours of happy trails in 2010!!!

  2. Hi mike,all i can say is" what a great read" discovered your blog from LOVELY BICYCLES and i am hooked. Cant wait to read 2010 blogs.neil..England

  3. Cheers, Neil! I'm happy to have you. You have 12 months worth of reading to catch up on! Lucky for you I got very lazy for long stretches... some months in 2010 don't have too many posts, but I'm trying to catch up a bit now.

    Thanks for reading and thanks for posting!