Monday, December 28, 2009

Your opinion, please...

One day before too long, my Nishiki commuter is going to get a new saddle.  I keep delaying the move for a couple of reasons: the vintage mattress saddle is comfortable and no longer squeaks; my self-imposed bike-budget chill-out is still in effect; and I can't decide which color saddle to get.

I'm 99 percent sure I want a Brooks B67.  Maybe a B68.  But the question is, black or antique brown?

As you consider, keep in mind it's likely to have shellacked cork grips on the north road bars.  The twine grips on there now are fun, but less-than-ideal in terms of comfort and durability -- the stiff shellacked unit keeps cracking and becoming two or three separate mini-grips.  Not a big deal, but cork grips would be a maintenance-free solution.

So, all you Lovely Bicycle admirers, chic cyclists and others who know a thing or two about what looks good... black or brown?


  1. While black has a certain sophistication and would contrast well against the bikes paint, the antique brown catches my eye every time. If I were investing -- brown.

  2. I hate to differ with Justice, but I am TOTALLY for black. You need a color that will "pop" amid all of that neutral brownness, between the frame and the cork-to-be.

    Sorry to hear about your self-imposed budget restraints. We have the same thing going on in MY household, too.

    : - )

  3. Brown if you plan to run the Basil Karavans. I was looking at my dutchfied Redline the other day and realized I mis-chose when I put the honey B67 saddle on it. Now I will need to find place for the honey saddle and order one in the brown.


  4. I am amending my previous proclivity for the black saddle, having examined the bike in person and listening to Michael's persuasive pitch. You are clearly leaning toward brown, Michael, so go for it!!!