Wednesday, December 9, 2009


All I can say is, don't try to put one past Filigree!  Despite my poor photographs and some confusing distractions, the Lovely Bicycle enthusiast spotted the minor adjustment to "Lucky" that has made a big difference in the pleasure associated with riding this handsome bike.

Here's a closer look at the surgery locale:

The crew at Peak Adventures tried valiantly to fit the SKS fenders under the snug-fitting brake mounts on the Corsaro.  Alas, even the narrow 35mm fenders rubbed to a distracting degree.  Finally, the tough decision was made to trim the fender behind the brake mount.  It's a different look, but not one that most would notice at a glance.  But it's well worth it... Lucky now rides smoothly and silently.

Maybe this bike is lucky after all.

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