Thursday, January 14, 2010

Always bet on black...

After an outpouring of comments, emails, telegrams and letters, the "Which Color Saddle Should I Pick" debate has come to an end.

Thanks to everyone who lent their opinion.  I was sincere about wanting to hear from the visually oriented and bike lovers on this and I did ponder the suggestions carefully. In the end, though, the final choice was driven in part by some mundane factors.

First, I'd already ordered a black B67 for my Schwinn, before deciding the current saddle is just too comfortable to replace.  Second, I'd abandoned the idea of cork grips, after finding that I tend to pull on the north road handlebars a bit when accelerating or climbing and was constantly convinced I was about to pull the cork grips off altogether.

But this isn't to say I wasn't influenced by the eloquent arguments in favor of black as the color of choice.  With the new-but-temporary Schwinn-style grips, the saddle looks great against the Nishiki's coppery brown frame.

Thanks to all for your input.  If you voted for brown, you have my permission to second-guess my choice in the comments below.


  1. Mike -- Black looks SHARP, man. It was the best choice and, incidentally, was my choice the first time I rendered an opinion.

    Ride your bike in splendor and safety, Mike.


  2. Looks great! A Brooks saddle belongs on every bike, in my opinion :)

  3. I missed the original debate, but I agree that black was the best choice here. Looks great!

  4. Thank you, Jan, Filigree and Dottie! Three women whose opinions I value a great deal. Filigree, it was your recent primer on Brooks saddles that assured me I was choosing the right model.