Monday, January 18, 2010

Time for a day off

The big storm we've been promised for the past week is finally here.  Before you start up a collection at work to assist us, I should point out that while Northern California weather can be dramatic now and then,  the words "big storm" are most frequently used to mean "period of windy rain." That appears to be the case this time, as the "storm," is basically rain with some wind.  Of course, if the winds achieve tree-toppling speed -- as they usually do once or twice a winter -- I'll be the first to weep and wail.

Regardless of how you define "storm," it's no day for bike-riding out there... at least in my book.

We've been promised foul weather since the middle of last week.  So, I was sure to ride to work and errands via bike on Monday and Tuesday.  When Wednesday and Thursday came and it was still dry, I rode then too, delighted to be sneaking in a couple extra outings.  Same for Friday and Saturday and Sunday.  It was the bicycling equivalent of the bishop's round in Caddyshack... "I don't think the hard stuff's gonna come down for some time..."

So, I'm going to chill for however many days the wind blows.  Rain doesn't bother me, but gusts of 40 mph don't strike me as the right conditions for a fun, safe ride. 

In the meantime, I'll try to produce a few items I've been saving for, well, a rainy day.  And, be sure to check out our bike blog friends along the left side of this page and pay them a visit too.


  1. Late bulletin! The sun came out AGAIN during a break in the wind and rain. Plenty of time for a fun ride through the neighborhood to catch up with Jan and our little Cookie Seller, who were making their sales calls in rain gear!

  2. Very funny column! By the way, where were you when Linda and Yuba City flooded? Hold on to your hat.
    About those Girl Scout cookies, did you get my check? I don't want to find out you're matching the pot in Night Baseball with it.

  3. Kid Justice! Fiona got your check and your very thoughtful note. In fact, there is one from the Kid on its way back to you today. As for the check, it was made out to me, so I assumed you wanted me to use it to call Chanecka's bluff in 7-1/2 27-1/2. Oops.

  4. OK... I'll admit it. When the wind blows hard enough to make the trees bend horizontal with the ground, it's a storm. This can end any time now and I'd be OK with that.

  5. It ain't a storm until they name it ;-) (from someone who lives in the hurricane zone)

    Must be a decent storm my bride got delayed over an hour flying out of Ontario, CA and SFO is backed up.