Thursday, March 11, 2010

Beautiful Omega 12-speed

I'm trying to learn that I don't have to own every beautiful bike I see.  Sometimes, it has to be enough to admire the bike and move on.

But this Omega is testing my resolve.  If I had seen it a few months or few bikes ago, I would have made a case for owning it.  As it is, I will post it here in hopes that someone nearby buys it and lets me look at it now and then.  It's amazingly clean and appears to be in brand-new condition.

I've bought from this seller before and have found his product descriptions accurate.  He also delivered the bike to me and waited patiently while I had my mechanic check it out.  So, if this Omega catches your eye and you don't yet have a full garage, give him a call.

You can see the Craigslist posting here.

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