Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sacramento Tweed Ride!

Sacramento held its third and largest Tweed Ride today, a sunny, happy spin through downtown and along the Sacramento River.

There were, I dunno, 150 of us or so.  Dozens of gorgeous bikes including vintage three speeds, timeless racers, elegant Dutch city bikes, a couple of pre-war cruisers and a slew of Rivendell beauties.

My favorite of all the bikes was the nearly identical twin of my beloved Raleigh Superbe.  It was nearly the same bike -- 1969 instead of 72-74 and that awesome wine color instead of brown. 

More pics to come, but here's a quick look at how the day will be remembered around our house.  Fiona hit a patch of uneven pavement and her Raleigh Sports went out from under her.  She was completely focused on not bringing me and the other riders down with her, she bounced back up immediately (although it was clear it really, really hurt) and she got back on the bike in a minute or two and finished the ride!  So proud of that girl!!

Here's Fiona's Tweed Ride trophy being attended to by Rick Houston, the leader of the Tweedies and perhaps the nicest man you could hope to meet.

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