Saturday, March 27, 2010

Huffy Sportsman 3 speed

Every time I read a post from someone looking for a commuter bike for "under $600" or the like, I want to yell, "haven't you heard of Craigslist?"

Here's a 1960s Huffy Sportsman that has everything I'm looking for in a commuter bike.  It has three speeds, which is all you need in flat Sacramento.  It has a rear rack for mounting panniers or a grocery basket.  It has fenders for rainy days, north road bars for an upright riding position and it's as solid as a tank. 

And, it's listed for sale for $100.  One hundred dollars!  Think how many fewer tears you'd shed when this gets stolen than if the same fate befell your $800 Breezer...

It's offered by Vintage Bicycle Supply in Sacramento, a shop that always has something worth seeing and riding.  Check it out here.


  1. But it doesn't have suspension, big tires, big seat and forty-eleven gears! ;-)

    Amazing people "think" they need something complicated and flashy when a bike as simple and straight forward as this will do the job.


  2. Well said, Aaron. I'm increasingly of the opinion that the for the riding I do, everything in excess of three speeds is unnecessary.

    I found a place to make keys for the Superbe's fork locks... they want $25! But, I think I'll just go for it and get it over with.

  3. I don't think $25 is out of line, especially if they can make a key that works.

    BTW that $100 price tag is way out of line...I can buy a brand new 27 speed fully suspended MTB for $69.95! (tongue FIRMLY planted in cheek) Unfortunately too many American consumers are hung up on price and new, but that just means more cool used stuff for guys like us. :-D