Thursday, March 4, 2010

Delivery boy

My Corsaro 12 speed made a perfect delivery vehicle for a quick run downtown today to hand off a half-dozen boxes of Girl Scout Cookies to our friend at Bloomberg News.

The boxes were among some 1,600 sold by our Little Entrepreneur so far this cookie season.  She is 100 percent determined to reach 2,100 sales and earn the Girl Scouts top incentive prize -- a laptop computer.

It's worth noting that a good 500 or more of these sales have been made on behalf of U.S. soldiers serving in Iraq or Afghanistan, or part of the Wounded Warrior program.  Nearly every one of her customers has added to their order to send a box of smiles and home to a soldier far away.

If you're reading this from the Sacramento area and you'd like to order cookies for yourself or our soldiers, I know someone who can help you!

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