Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cycle chic in Cesar Chavez Plaza

Just after I finished locking my bike (Takumashi) to a tree at the downtown farmer's market, this lovely cyclist arrived on an Electra Amsterdam and locked it to the next tree over. 

If I were any kind of photographer, you would see that each of our bikes were sporting the canvas-and-leather Basil Kavan II panniers.  Since I'm not, you shall have to imagine my pannier-equipped bike just out of frame to the right.

Both Stephanie and I were delighted to see our panniers on another bike and we had a great chat about the best way to mount them, their suitability for shopping, and the knuckle-bruising task of fastening them to the rear stays.

Happy riding, Stephanie, and thank you for a very interesting and fun conversation! 

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