Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer riding

Remember all that whining in May about how it was still chilly and overcast?  Well, those days don't seem too bad right about now.  It was 104 Monday... not enough to cancel the planned "Seersucker Ride," a summer counterpart to the Tweed Ride.

But things have cooled down since then.  It's been a moderate 96 or so in the days since.  Sacramento is one of the few places where in a discussion of the weather, you'll hear a temperature of 96F preceded by the word "only."

But the fact is, our low humidity makes a day of 96F very livable.  If you're not stuck in the sun, you can get by.  A leisurely ride along the river isn't out of the question, nor is a few bike-based errands.  Going all afternoon and trying to do it at a brisk pace may be another story, however.  I wouldn't know, myself.  I try to get the outward section of my commute in while the morning is still cool.  Another peculiarity of our weather is that the hottest part of a summer day doesn't come until late afternoon, almost evening, so if I can head for the home office by 2 or 3, things work out fine.

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