Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Three speeds and a good attitude

I was in the midst of admiring this old-school three speed when its owner arrived to unlock it and ride it away.  While many people would react poorly to finding someone ogling their bicycle, this student took it in gracious stride.  When I asked to take a photo, she responded "Sure!" before I could explain that I have a cycling blog and am not just some weirdo.  She stayed on her phone call at my insistence... I felt the photo was imposition enough.

I love that attitude.  I'd really like to be someone who says "sure" more often and "why?" "who's asking?" or "what do want to know that for?" a little less.

I've never heard of a Bay Pointe bicycle.  It looks pretty much indistinguishable from the jillions of other utility three-speeds of that era, including my Sears (Free Spirit) city bike.


  1. I love that attitude too! And the three speed is also cool, especially the baskets.

  2. Baypoint was made by Huffy USA. I have rehabbed several of them for friends over the past few years. They aren't as durably built as the Raleighs but they aren't a piece of junk either. All I have worked on have had Shimano 3 speeds on them, some with coaster brakes and some without. IIRC they stopped building the US made ones around 1989, Huffy USA suspended all bicycle manufacturing operations in 1999.