Thursday, June 3, 2010

Riding double

Spring has been a long time coming in Northern California.  We had the coldest May in 61 years and one of the wettest in a long time.  (I should point out in the interest of full disclosure that “cold” doesn’t really mean the same thing here as it does in other parts of the world.)  Still, this warm weather season feels earned in a way that others have not.

And, of course, there is no surer sign of spring than young lovers on the bike trail.  I spotted these two nearly a quarter-mile away.  I was determined to capture their cycling romance on film, but the young man’s neck tattoo suggested it would be a good idea to ask delicately.

As it turns out, both he and she were friendly, warm and genuinely pleased to be photographed.  They were miles away from any reasonable stopping point on the trail, so I have to assume this unique tandem ride was a fairly prolonged thing.

Yes, it looks dangerous.  But they were having so much fun that it seemed silly to point that out to them.

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