Monday, April 19, 2010

Creepy nature

I know it's harmless.  I don't care.  These things are super creepy to me.

I noticed it across my lane of the bike trail just a few yards before I would have rolled over it.  I can guarantee that would have been a spectacle.

Two other cyclists stopped while I was contemplating the thing and confirmed two important points: 1) it wasn't a rattlesnake, although this time of year is when they start appearing on and near the trail; and, 2) it's creepy, creepy creepy.

I think I prefer the coyotes.


  1. my sister saw the same snake today. must have been right before or after you were there. small world!

  2. Keith, I bet your sister was one of the two women who stopped while I was there. Ask her if a fat dude on a mixte was there! Small world, indeed! Small town and small bike trail too, I guess.