Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekday ride for two

Jan and I took the morning off and hit the bike trail today.  We rode 12.5 miles along the river, stopping briefly to watch the ducks with their newly-hatched ducklings and to enjoy the perfect weather.  After a late breakfast, we rode home, pleased with ourselves for pushing the mile count about twice as far as the usual "let's go for a ride" ride.

My friend Don confirms this counts as a 25-mile ride, which is greatly reassuring to me.  I honestly wasn't sure if two halves of a ride bifurcated by a lunch or museum visit could be lumped together in polite cycling society. 

Because the distance was longer than Jan's usual ride, I picked my Raleigh Superbe for the outing as it would be a bit more in line with a relaxed pace.  It performed beautifully and the Brooks B-72 was very comfortable.  I think it'd be good for even longer rides without discomfort.

Here's the Superbe with Jan's Schwinn hybrid, waiting for us to return from our walk to the river's edge.

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  1. Nice, I' hoping Fresno gets to be as good as a bike city as Sacramento.