Sunday, April 11, 2010

Two more from the bike swap

Here are two more bikes that caught my eye at the bike swap on Saturday.

The first is a Dutch-made Union, complete with coat (skirt) guard and dynamo light.  Dutch bikes seem very rare in these parts. 

And, here's a unique folding bike manufactured for Firestone and sold in the 1960s for folks to toss in the massive trunks of their Impalas.  I'm getting warmer to the idea of having a bike in the back of the car for those times when business takes you out of town but still leaves a little time for a quick ride.


  1. Does this mean that these nice bikes are now yours? : )

  2. Alas, Velouria, I finally found some restraint... I did not buy a bike at the swap meet.

    Interestingly, the sheer number of interesting vintage bikes at the swap kind of helped. There were so many that I had to accept the idea that I couldn't possible "save" them all, and so was better able to content myself with just admiring them.

    Really, though, if I could have thought of even one more square foot of storage space, I would have bought something. There's no way I can bring another home without selling one, and I'm not far enough along in my sanity for that just yet.

  3. I know the feeling!

    That Vagabond is a neat little bike I probably would have had to "rescue" that one just because it is unusual.